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100 Dupont Rd
Laurel Run, PA 18706
Tel: 570-822-9581

Congressional District- 11th
Legislative District- 119th 
Type of Government- Mayor and Council 
School District- Wilkes-Barre Area

Welcome to The borough of Laurel Run


Laurel Run is a borough in Luzerne CountyPennsylvaniaUnited States. The population was 500 at the 2010 census.

Laurel Run is the site of the Laurel Run mine fire, which started in the Red Ash mine in 1915, and burned underground until 1973. The mine was excavated to remove the fire and filled in. Approximately 166 homes were razed and relocated along with two grocery stores, a church, a school and a lumberyard through a program administered by the Appalachian Regional Commission.

Important Reminders:

Any Rental / Use of Borough Property please see below.

Council Meeting Dates:

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All Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise advertised.  In addition, the governing body holds a monthly work session prior to the regularly scheduled council meeting, beginning at 6:00 p.m. (as needed).

Laurel Run Borough Zoning/Luzerne County Documents:


To promote, protect and facilitate one or more of the following: the public health, safety, morals, general welfare, coordinated and practical community development, proper density of population, civil defense, disaster evacuation, airports, and national defense facilities, the provision of adequate light and air, police protection, vehicle parking and loading space, transportation, water, sewerage, schools, public grounds and other public requirements, as well as

To prevent one or more of the following: overcrowding of land, blight, danger and congestion in travel and transportation, loss of health, life or property from fire, flood, panic or other dangers. Zoning ordinances shall be made in accordance with an overall program, and with consideration for the character of the municipality, its various parts and the suitability of the various parts for particular uses and structures.

For additional information and/or Zoning Fee Schedule please contact:



David Yefko

Senior Designer, Civil and Laurel Run Borough Zoning Officer of Borton-Lawson





The Mayor is elected at large to a four-year term with the primary responsibility of presiding over Council and signing all ordinances.  As an official representative of the Borough, the Mayor has the right to declare public emergencies, serves as a liaison between residents and council to ensure public safety and is an ex officio member of all other Borough committees. The Mayor is a voting member of Council only in the case of a council tied vote and has no veto power. Another function of the office is to serve as spokesman for the community and to represent the Borough at various civic and social activities.

Mayor Justin Correll

100 Dupont Rd, 

Laurel Run, PA 18706





The Laurel Run Borough Community Pavilion, Playground and Borough Building are perfect for your next outdoor gathering such as family reunions, graduation, picnics, church gatherings or any special event when you want to enjoy the summer outside. Nestled on the mountain side, a few minutes’ drive from the downtown city center, the grounds and buildings feature a large pavilion with picnic tables and electrical sources, playground, large shady trees, close drive up access and ample parking. Laurel Run Borough provides a first come-first serve rental to residents and non-residents. It’s always fun to have a party outside with room for games and activities-reservations are taken throughout the calendar year.


For additional information including available dates, pricing and accommodations please contact:


Contact Information: 


570-257-2307- Juanita Deininger


·         Security Deposit (refundable at the end of rental period) $100.00

·         Borough Building (November 1 – March 31st)                     

          $100.00 Monday through Sunday

          $150.00 Holidays


·         Borough Building, Pavilion, and Playground (April 1st - October 31st) 

          $175.00 Monday through Thursday

          $200.00 Fridays, Saturday, or Sundays

          $250.00 Holidays


In addition to the above rental cost, the person(s) or organization must provide (in their name) an insurance binder: Minimum coverage of $250,000 for bodily injury and property damage. An insurance binder is easily obtained through your agent who provided you either renters or home owners insurance, there normally little or no additional charge for this binder.  The required insurance binder shall also contain the same information and signatures as required on the rental agreement application (non-negotiable). 

Download Rental Agreement Here



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